Small business owners often face cash flow issues. To resolve this, we created PhyloPay to help business owners like you to pay for products/services availed from your vendors using your credit card, when you can’t use the physical method of swiping a card.

Take Naveen, for example,  who runs a profitable business, may face monthly cash flow issues and would still to like to make his husiney payments in time. In his case, he can choose to make those payments online using his credit card with PhyloPay.

Many of you might identify with Naveen’s painpoint  and would like some resolution, which PhyloPay offers.

Use your credit card to make business payments

Do you have enough credit available on your credit card but not enough cash at hand to make some critical business payments? If this is you, we have got you covered. Using PhyloPay you can conveniently use your credit card to make any business payment. The platform is free to use and you will be charged a very nominal transactional fee of 1.95% with T+2 days settlement. You just need to add the beneficiary account details and you are done. Your vendors don’t need to be registered with PhyloPay, the money is transferred directly into their bank accounts which is a no-nonsense hassle free process. There are no limits to the number of transactions that you can do, as long as they are legit and you have proper documentation like your business invoices.

This gives you enough breathing room to get your cash flow in order and keeps your business relationships intact.

While it is convenient to make business payments busing your credit card, you have an additional benefit of earning rewards & points from your credit card company which you can then redeem later.

Now is the best time to go cashless

Amidst the Coronvirus scare, everyone is hesitant to handle cash and rightly so. Going cashless reduces the risk of contamination & spread of infection. The Government of India has been strongly advocating for a Digital India and we support that vision. You too can be a part of this movement by bringing your payments online. 

The pandemic has affected some businesses adversely and we understand the need for resources to make payments in time. This is where PhyloPay comes into play and helps you utilise your cash some where else while your business payments are easily taken care of.

PhyloPay has been created right here in India with hours of sweat and hardwork put in by our entire team to solve a pain long of many deserving businesses like yours. We are Made in India and are Local…based in Chandigarh. Even our name ‘Phylo’ stands for Physical-Local, which means that we strongly feel that we need to make more in India.

Log in to PhyloPay today and start making payments right away

Check out our website phylopay to get started and let us know if you have any questions.

Please use your credit card responsibly.