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Supercharge your Business Today!

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All-in-One Business Suite

Vendor and Bill Payments

Invoicing and Online Collections

Payroll and Salary Payments

Business Listing and Lead Generation

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Maximize Your Business Potential

Running a business is tough, especially if you are spending a lot of time managing basic processes rather than on actual business development and planning.

From vendor on-boarding, to purchase order generation, inventory management, bill payments, employee on-boarding, salary payments, client invoicing, payment follow-ups, lead generation and closing a sale, there goes a lot of time in managing operations. And it’s not just about getting the tasks done but being able to closely monitor the data, based on which you can make informed decisions.

There is an app for everything, and truly there is. But either they exist in isolation, aren’t connected, or worse still, are offline, without any backup.

If you are still using such a setup then PhyloPay is the solution for you. We de-clutter everything, offer you one platform to manage all your business tasks and make sure you get enough time to focus on the main ‘business’ end of things!

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Vendor Payouts & Bill Payments

Now you can easily pay your vendor and utility bills and manage your cash-flow, all in one place.

  • Automatically verify vendor’s GST/PAN details and bank account/UPI while on-boarding them
  • Make payouts using your preferred mode of payment viz. credit/debit cards, netbanking, UPI, etc.
Phylo Vendor Management System

Invoicing and Online Collections

Use our cloud invoicing platform to raise invoices to your clients and allow them the option to pay via online modes as well.

  • If you are a digital agency or need to bill your clients monthly for a fixed amount, activate subscriptions and invoices will be auto-generated and shared with the client.
  • ‘Mark as paid’ the invoices against which you receive offline payment so your dashboard shows most updated financial health data.
Phylo Invoice Generator

Payroll Management and Salary Payments

Now process your employee payroll and generate professional salary slips quickly and easily. Also keep track of advance payments and deductions.

  • Generate electronic salary slips with proper allocation of funds into basic, HRA, bask of allowances and other heads and deductions.
  • Make timely salary payments choosing the mode of payment of your choice viz. credit/debit cards, netbanking, UPI, etc.

Business Listing and Lead Generation

Use Phylo to generate a free business listing (PhyloStores) and share your digital presence with prospective clients.

  • PhyloStores listing comes with a PayMe link, you can share the page via Social Media or Whatsapp and collect payments on your page.

  • Set your promotion budget and we will automatically promote your page on the largest Search Engine to generate genuine leads.

How PhyloPay Benefits Businesses


Don’t waste time on offline and legacy apps by performing repetitive tasks every month.


Forget the hassle of managing different apps for your data, now perform all tasks in one place.


Stay on top of your business and view your system’s financial health in real time.


Choose credit/debit, netbaking, UPI as per convenience and available cashflow.

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Starter Plan
(Forever Free):

  • Business Listing

  • Manage Vendors (upto 5)

  • Payouts (upto 10 per month)

  • Payouts Transaction Charges 2.25% (on all modes)

  • Max Transaction size: Rs. 50k

Growth Plan
(Rs. 6,000/year*)
*limited time offer

  • Business Listing

  • Manage Vendors (Unlimited)

  • Payouts (Unlimited)

  • Payroll Management

  • Invoicing

  • PayMe

  • Payouts Transaction Charges (T+2): 1.9% on Credit Cards, 1% Debit Cards, Netbanking Rs. 25, UPI Rs. 5

  • Collections Charges 1.75% (on all modes, after activation)

  • Max Transaction size: No Limit
All charges mentioned above are exclusive of taxes, GST extra.
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Going cashless is good for everyone, but Phylo is not only about going cashless. It offers hosts of benefits ranging from security to business. Here are some of the reason why you should start using Phylo.

Carrying cash
involves risk

High value cash handling attracts unwanted attention. Going cashless is safe.

Receive payments into your bank accounts

Collect payments into your bank account directly from your clients.

Non-acceptance of Cards does not apply to you.

Pay your vendor, individual or at a shop where cards are not accepted.

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Getting started is quick and easy with your PAN card details.

Send invoice & receive payments

Create and send custom invoices for your customers and receive payment.

Secure payment method

Transaction data is secured with AES-encryption along with 128-bit SSL encryption.

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Safety and security of your Credit Card Transactions

Safety and security of your financial transactions is extremely important. At Phylo we take data security very seriously. Here are few of the things we advice all our customers to adhere to while making any payments online or receiving payments:

  • You should never share your Debit Or Credit Card details over the phone. Phylo or any bank employee will never ask you for your card details.

  • You should also never share your credit or debit card CVV or OTP received on your mobile phone.

  • If you receive a call from anyone claiming to be from bank, and asking to assist you in doing transaction, do not entertain.

  • If you receive any call asking for card details or OTP, do not provide any details and report to your nearest bank branch or call you credit or debit card helpline number.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Here are some questions that might come to your mind.

How much time does the payment take to reflect in the recipient bank account?2019-09-08T12:01:13+00:00

All payments are settled within 2-5 Business Days. For regular users this time is substantially reduced.

What documents are required to create an account on PhyloPay?2019-09-08T12:01:23+00:00

You don’t need to send any physical document (hard copy) for the purpose of verification.

You just have to provide your PAN card details to get started, we will send you email to ask for scanned copies of documents when required.

What payments modes are accepted at PhyloPay?2019-09-08T11:54:04+00:00

We accept any Visa, Mastercard, Rupay or Maestro credit/debit card. You can also use UPI or popular Wallets to make payments or accept payments from your clients.

What are the charges?2022-08-05T12:13:25+00:00

PhyloPay platform is free to use, i.e. there are no subscription charges for sending payment requests or raising invoices, during the free trial. Transaction charges start at 1.9% (plus taxes) for payouts via credit cards.
Note: 1) In case of payments made via Credit card EMI, Amex, Diner’s cards, ePayLater extra amount of 1.2% (plus taxes) will be deducted from the settlement amount.
2) In case of payments made via Corporate & Premium cards, extra amount of 0.4 % (plus taxes) will be deducted from the settlement amount.